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unity candle wreath

A Unity Candle wreath adds a lush surround of fresh flowers encircling your candle.  It adds as a lovely design for the front of your wedding church.  To create your own wreath, you'll need the following supplies (in your color palette, of course!):

A unity candle wreath encircles your candle with fresh flowers, making it a lovely addition to both your wedding ceremony decorations and photos.  Change either the colors or flower varieties to make the wreath in your own color palette. For this design, the following products were needed:

You can easily adapt this tutorial by achieving the same look - but substituting other flower varieties.  Good substitutes would be standard carnations, freesia, tulips and Gerbera daisies plus any type of filler flowers including baby's breath, wax flower, asters and limonium.

The wreath can be either oval or round - or even a smaller size by using Oasis rings instead of wreath forms.

As always, the first step to good flower design is to order your flowers from a reputable source and then process them correctly before using them. 

When I first began my website, I only planned on selling a few critical supplies that are hard to find for a DIY bride.  I then recommended a quality online supplier for her to buy her flowers and greens.  I became frustrated, however, to find that some suppliers were requiring their customers to buy minimum quantities (usually 5 or more bunches) to qualify for their "wholesale" price.

Although touted as such, their prices are usually closer to retail than wholesale and left the bride with less choices unless she was content with only one flower variety or greenery.  When I began to read the find print, I was dismayed to see that in some products, such as leather leaf fern, they were actually dividing true grower bunches and having only 10 - 15 stems in their bunch rather than the full 20 - 25 usually found in a true Grower's bunch (standard quantities that professional florists call a "bunch").

This ends up making something as cheap as leather leaf fern cost almost $1 per stem.  I sell the same greenery for much less.  I don't claim to give "free shipping" or sell wholesale. . . but I allow my customers to buy in true grower's bunches.  Thus my stems are usually around 40 cents for leather leaf.

My best advise before buying ANYTHING online to comparison shop.  I love to give tutorials that mix in a great variety of different greens and flowers, giving your own designs a unique look that is much more original.

So let's move on to learning how to make this Unity Candle Wreath!

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