unity candles

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Inserting unity candles into their holders will sometimes prove a little loose and have to be treated to ensure they stay firmly in place.  Since removing and replacing the tapers can be problematic during the ceremony, I always urge my bride to lay two small utility candles on the backside of the unity candle stand.

The side tapers can be lit either by the ushers, the mothers of the bride and groom or by the children of the couple as their part in the unity candle ceremony.

Once moving forth to light the unity candle during the ceremony, each one will simply pick up his/her utility candle, light it from the side tapers and then light the center candle together.

This cuts down the odds that the pillar candle won't light, as it is usually that the hot wax from the side tapers pour down on the pillar candle's wick, dousing it and making it hard to light.

Simply wrap a small piece of florist clay around the bottom of the taper and insert into the holder.

Push down hard to set the clay firmly in the holder.

You can use your floral knife to gently cut and pull off any overflow of florist clay.

The clay holds very tight, but can be removed later if you use the taper holders for some other celebration or holiday.

Be sure to stand back from the wreath and look at the set from a distance to be sure that the taper candles are not leaning, but standing straight and level.

I also put a small amount of floral clay under the main pillar candle to ensure it seats itself firmly to the center stand.

Press down firmly to lock the candle into place.  If you wish to separate it from the stand later, simply twist the candle sharply and pull away from the stand.  Roll the clay into a ball and press against any remaining residue on the stand to remove it.

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