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unity candle table

The last step is dressing the unity candle table.  With this, I simply used some yardage I bought on clearance at a discount store.  You can also buy a twin sized sheet, which works very well.  I don't go to the trouble of hemming the material.  Instead, I give the edges a clean cut with fabric shears and settle it over the table.

I use a small piece of florist clay (you can also use Uglu) to attach a corner of the slippery cloth to the corner of the table.  This works better than tape and won't take the finish off a wooden table.

On the floor, I roll under the cut edges and slide a corsage pin into the carpet to hold it in place.  If it's a hard floor, simply use another Uglu or bit of floral clay.  (Do NOT use these adhesives or florist glue on carpets!)

Here's the front side of the table facing the pews or chairs where your guests will be seated.

Then I drape a lace tablecloth over the table as shown.

Here's the front, quickly dressed and a beautiful setting on which to place your unity candle wreath.

Finish by placing your utility candles behind the wreath, an emergency cigarette lighter (in case a candle blows out) and quickly light and blow out both tapers and the unity candle.  Place an emergency fire extinguisher either under the table or someplace of quick access.  Be sure at least two of your attendants are well aware of where the fire extinguisher is located.

Be sure to always mist your your finished flower designs with Finishing Touch, a flower sealant that helps keep moisture locked into the flower petals.  This will slow normal flower transparency and make your flowers stay beautiful all through your wedding day.

Don't forget to check your designs daily and add more water to the foam if needed.  Fresh flowers are live products and it is vital that they always have a constant water source to stay fresh in normal temperatures.

Be sure to check out all my church decorations for more flower recipes and tutorials.  I also have complete tutorials for every style of bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres and reception centerpieces.  I carry all the products, fresh flowers and greenery that a DIY bride would need for her own wedding.

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