tall wedding centerpieces

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Tall wedding centerpieces can get to be rather expensive.  I like to stretch my flowers out by using leather leaf fern.  This inexpensive greenery is a staple in every flower shop.  It quickly helps to conceal the mechanics that you don't want seen by the guests.

The stems of leather are slender and slip easily into the foam without taking up much room needed for those large hydrangea stems.

Turn the centerpiece around the be sure to keep the greens about the same length.  Greenery gives the framework for the overall finished size of the centerpiece, so keep that in mind when cutting the leather to length.

From the sides of the greens, have the leaves go straight out.

As your greens are inserted into the top section, you will angle the stems upward.

The leather in the center should point straight up.

Proper greening techniques mean you will mimic the look of a live fern.

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