table skirting designs

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Table skirting designs can be created by using square tablecloths as overlays down the length of banquet tables set up for the wedding party.

For a bolder contrast, use colored tablecloths.  I think it make more interesting designs over the table edge for the corners of the square cloths to be dropped as an overlay.  Start by using two 8 foot tables, placed end to end.  Cover the table top with white cloths and attach white skirting.  You usually want to allow each member of the bridal party 2 foot of space for their place setting and chair placement.  Add more tables, if you have a larger wedding party.

Place the colored square tablecloths over the table top, allowing the corners to drape in a pleasing diamond shaped pattern.  Begin placement at the ends, placing the square cloths with a shorter corner overlap as shown. Place two more cloths, overlapping the end cloths.  Finally place the last center square table cloth in the middle where the bride and groom sit, again allowing the square cloth to fall gracefully over the box skirting.  Note how the corners of the three center cloths are evenly spaced.  Step back from your design at each step, checking that the placement is evenly spaced and the draping looks flat and even.

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