satin and tulle pew bow

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The two ribbons I'm going to use for this tutorial is a #40 (approximately 2 1/2" to 3" satin ribbon) and a contrasting color of 6" bolt tulle.

Before starting the bow, I want to have a long length of wire pre-taped with florist tape and ready to wrap around the center of the bow.  You can use a matching color or white tape.  It's not really going to be seen, so even the plain wire is fine if you choose.

Tape a wire by starting at the top and winding the florist tape tightly around the wire, pulling on the tape so it stretches and adheres to itself.

Then move down the wire, continuing to stretch and slightly overlap the higher winding of tape.

Don't be afraid to have a longer length of wire - that's easier than trying to tie a large amount of ribbon with a short wire.

When finished, tear off the tape and wind the loose end tightly around the bottom.  Be sure all the wire is covered.

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