Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

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A red rose wedding bouquet will always remain as a the popular choice for many brides. Check out other rose bouquets and crescents with roses.

Now this design uses a more intricate mix of greens and a looser design where the roses are longer in stem length and more extended that the previous cascades.  Keep in mind that the length of the rose (or other flower) stems is what will determine the final size of the bouquet.  Talk with the bride to be sure that you know the approximate size she would like her bouquet to be.  Petite brides may prefer more compact or smaller bouquets while a tall or larger bride wants her bouquet to be complementary to her height or size.  

It's all about the bride!  It's easy for even professional florists to get carried away and make larger or more elaborate designs than their bride had in mind.  I always encourage brides and the designer to set down and work out a budget.  With this budget in mind, use this calculating flowers guide  to determine the exact recipes for every flower design you create.  This calculator will take the stems you need and give you an accurate estimate of how many bunches of each flower variety you need to order and then let you know how many left over stems there will be.  

Why do you need left over stems?  Because fresh flowers are a live product, you must (like a professional florist) to expect that there will be a few unusable blooms, maybe a broken stem or two and so forth.  Those flowers have been cut in a field, rolled into bunches, bundled in boxes and en route to you in a very short time in order to ensure the freshest flowers possible.  You must expect a small amount of wastage.  Professional florists allow for this and you must consider it as well.  

That being said, creating your own flower designs can save you a great deal of money, since most flower shops triple the cost of their flowers and then add on 50 to 100 percent labor on top of that price.  But you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and WORK!  

Keep in mind that this design can be easily modified to add in more flower varieties, change the color, scale it larger (by extending the stems) or scale it smaller.  That's the fun of being a floral designer!

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