Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

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This red rose wedding bouquet is now ready to be flowered in.  Roses are cut and packed at the farm.  When  you buy flowers in a dry pack state (usually sleeved in plastic or a protective cardboard roll) the outer petals are left on to protect in inner, perfect petals of the rose.

These are called "guard petals" and are only peeled off by the designer as they are creating the arrangement.  So if you open your dry pack of roses and are dismayed to see brown or thorn torn petals, don't worry.  You'll be removing those outer petals before using the rose in a bouquet.

Here's the look of the outer, torn petal that obviously was torn by thorns from a different rose.

I carefully remove that outer damaged petal, showing a smooth, perfect inner petal.

A fresh rose should feel tight and firm, the petals remaining snugly attached to the catalyst (lower bulb) of of the flower.

I continue to remove any petals I see that show blemished or holes.

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