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Now I'm going to fill in the center of the bouquet with the more open blooms.

In the upper right, I inserted a large flower head between the two outer stems on the right and left.

Cut the short, thick stem into a sharp point and insert in a downward motion into the foam head.

Now insert another similar flower head into the lower right, facing at a downward angle.

I then added another bloom on the left, mimicking the bloom on the right.

I have another bloom, so I tucked it between the top and upper right flowers.

Now I want to emphasize how the same design can go for two different looks!  Both of these are the same bouquet, except on the left bouquet I used white hydrangea and tucked in some baby's breath filler.  The bouquet to the right was simply filled in with lavender and purple standard carnations.  Click on either photo to see how to finish out the bouquet.

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