Purple Wedding Flower Bouquets

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Using hydrangeas in your purple wedding bouquets is amazing, as they are lovely, large massed flowers that provide brilliant color or contrast.  Remember, however, that hydrangeas are a very thirsty flower and tend to wilt quickly if they do not have a constant water source.

For this purple wedding bouquet, I'm actually going to use a white hydrangea to give some contrast to the bouquet.

I'm actually breaking the brackets (different stemmed sections that make up the flower head) and inserting it into different areas in the bouquet.

Cut each bracket with a sharp knife and it will insert easily into the wet foam.  

You can create some defining contrast to this design with the relief of white against the purple gladilous

Don't be too perfect with your placement - I added some in the upper left and more lower down on the right side.

Since this bouquet is all flower mass (with no greenery), the large blooms quickly begin to fill in the overall bouquet, concealing the bouquet holder.

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