pumpkin centerpieces

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Chrysanthemums are a favorite fall flower for use in centerpieces, especially since they are available in bright harvest colors of yellows, browns, bronze, rust red and white.

They are a hardy flower that has a good vase life.

Several varieties have been cultivated to have long laterals, making it easy to cut apart and use separately in arrangements.

Some colors (notably red) have very short laterals, forcing you to extend the flower stems with discarded stems if you want to use the blooms singly.

Again, I'm going to take advantage of the natural curve of the flower and insert it where the flower faces where I want it to.

Cutting the flowers apart allows me to scatter the yellow color introduced by the spray roses evenly across the design.

I placed the flower beneath the large head of the sunflower, with the face of the flower curving away and outward.

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