pumpkin centerpieces

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You can see our fall floral centerpiece is fast taking shape.  Pumpkin arrangements are so much fun to do in the days between Halloween and Thanksgiving!

I'm continuing to take advantage of my long stems of yellow daisies.

Tucking them in wherever I see an open spot.

Step back occasionally and take a critical look at the overall appearance.  Can you spot the "hole" where the next yellow mum is going to be place?

Yes!  Right where that greenery has an open spot.  Don't forget to tuck some of your shorter stems in deeper.  This gives depth and interest to your overall design rather than just looking "round as a basketball"!

I quickly add the remainder of the yellow daisies, turning my pumpkin around to be sure I evenly spread the colors.

Once my yellow stems are all in the bouquet, I move on to my burgundy chrysanthemums.

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