pumpkin centerpieces

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Pumpkin centerpieces look wonderful with bright colored flowers.  I'm using the Asiatic lilies as the secondary flowers.  I have two stems in this mix, so I am going to balance them out by inserting them into both sides of the pumpkin arrangement.

I strip off the bottom leaves, as I am going to have to shorten the stems considerably for this design.

I cut the flower stem short with an angle cut and leave on a couple of leaves.

I have to bury this fairly deep, as the head of the lily will open as quite a large flower.  I don't want it to have a funny look of sticking too far out of the arrangement.

I treat the second Asiatic lily in the same manner and insert it deeply on the opposite side.

Even after a few minutes of warmth and drawing water, the lily is already beginning to crack open and show more color.

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