pew flower decorations

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Pew flower decorations can be simple or elaborate.  Some brides chose to put flowers on the front two pew and bows on the rest.  To recreate a similar pew marker, you will need the following hard goods and fresh flowers:

Drill two holes on your mache cones.  Cover your mache with paint or fabric attached with hot melt glue.  Thread two chenille stems and ribbon through the holes.  The ribbon will be used to attach to the wedding chairs or pew bows.  The chenille stems will attach the flowers on the tabs of the Iglu holder to the cone.  Don't do this until you are ready to attach to the pews, as you don't want the mache cone to get wet.

Float soak the Iglu in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Arrange the flowers with a one sided arrangement.  Lock the flowers into the foam with Floralock Stem Adhesive.  If you need more detailed help in arranging flowers, check out more detailed help designing iglus and other flower tutorials

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