make your own bridal bouquet

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You can make your own bridal bouquet and save money on your wedding budget.  Just plan your delivery so to give yourself enough time for both designing and setup.

To design a similar bouquet as pictured, you'll need the following products and flowers.  Please feel free to substitute other flowers:

This lovely bouquet is made as a spiral hand tie.  If you need some help, either check out the Quick Links below or go to the beginning of the Bouquet Gallery.  The first bouquets explain in detail how to create these types of bouquets.

Always finish by misting your flower with a flower sealant, allowing it to dry and storing in refrigeration if possible.  If not, store in a water vase in a cool, darkened room.  Mist each day with Finishing Touch.

Be sure to click the link on processing your flowers.  It's important that you read and use the recommended products.  Because you do not have the advantage of a walk in cooler, it's important to use the products that can lengthen the life of those precious wedding flowers.

quick design tips & links for bridal bouquets

Spiral Bouquet Video

Processing Flowers Correctly

Flower Pods

Identifying Garden Roses

Identifying Succulents

Choosing Flowers by Color

Rose Varieties

Large Leaves

Calculating Total Flowers You Need

Eucalyptus Varieties

Eulalia Colors

Tropical Flowers

Celosia Colors

Best Buy Combo Packs

Ornamental Grasses

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