make your own bridal bouquet

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Want to make your own bridal bouquet? You can create a multi-colored hand tied design similar to this one, even changing flowers or greens it to suit your own color theme.  This bouquet needs the following products:

Remember that bouquet design starts with processing your wholesale flowers correctly.  Don't skip the recommended products.  They are cheap compared to the cost of your flowers and will extend the life of your flowers if used properly as a professional florist would.

Do you need a smaller bouquets?  Just delete a few stems and you can create matching attendant bouquets!  Do you need more designing help than a product list?  Check out our free step by step spiral hand tied bridal bouquet tutorials.  Choose your style, making sure to check out several as you can pick up different design tips.  This includes professional florist recommendations regarding various flower choices and substitutions.

Check out how to give your Cymbidium Orchids stems by wiring the individual blooms.


Spiral Bouquet Video

Processing Flowers Correctly

Flower Pods

Identifying Garden Roses

Identifying Succulents

Choosing Flowers by Color

Rose Varieties

Large Leaves

Calculating Total Flowers You Need

Eucalyptus Varieties

Eulalia Colors

Tropical Flowers

Celosia Colors

Best Buy Combo Packs

Ornamental Grasses

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