king protea bouquet

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This King Protea bouquet is a spiral hand tied with a mix of soft pinks and yellows.  The large beautiful King Protea is a magnificent focal flower.  

To create a similar look, you'll need the following flowers, greens and florist supplies:

This lovely mix of flowers is a lively mix of texture and colors.  This is created as a standard spiral hand tied and you can browse through the hand tied tutorials for tips on creating this type of bouquet if you need help.

 I included florist wire on the supply list because sometimes the Dusty Miller leaves are rather short and need to have a wired stem.  You may also have to make wired supports for some of the leaves.  Don't expect every leaf to be perfect, as they naturally grow with holes or gaps in the leaves.

Both the King protea and the Silver Brunia have tough plant stems.  They are much easier cut with branch cutters than using a standard florist knife.

This bouquet stands up well with the long lasting flowers, but because of the spray roses I suggest you mist the flowers well with a flower sealant, allow it to dry and then store in a refrigerator if possible.

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