How to Make Wedding Bouquets

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Like the look of a traditional hand tied bouquet instead of the grass handle?  So do many of my brides.  For this look, you make sure you set aside the flower stems as you are cutting the flower heads off and inserting into the foam head.

Be sure the stems are clean and free of thorns and dirt.  I like leaving some of the leaves at the top - it helps contribute to the look of a true hand tied bouquet.

After winding the clay down the handle as shown before, you begin by pressing the cleaned stems one at a time against the sticky clay.

Keep adding more and more stems.  The taped handle in green will help conceal any signs of the white handle from showing.

Keep adding enough stems to look natural and cover up your mechanics, but keep down the bulk so that the bouquet fits comfortably in the hand.

I'll tape at the top with florist tape, wrapping tightly right under the neck of the holder in order to conceal the cut flower stems at the top.

If you want a little "flare" of the stems on the bottom, just add another layer of florist clay an inch or so down the handle.  Just make sure that all clay is concealed later by ribbon or other covering.

I trim the stems down shorter and even after the stems are taped securely in place.

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