How to Make Wedding Bouquets

Peach Roses and Steel Grass

I have several tutorials that show how to make a traditional cascading bouquet, a traditional round bouquet, a hand-tied bouquet and a "mock" hand tied bouquet.  

Let's get a little more creative now.  Using different kinds of greenery and grasses can add a lot of interest and texture to your bouquets.  This bouquet tutorial shows how to use both lily grass and steel grass to create a unique grass collar for your bouquets.

You'll need the following supplies for this bouquet.  Please keep in mind that you have total control over both the flower varieties and the color choices.  Use my tutorials as a guide rather than a "have to" create exactly the same bouquet.  This way the design becomes uniquely yours in both color and design.  You will need a weighted vase with a narrow neck to to hold the bouquet holder while designing.  Wet foam and flowers can become heavy and topple forward unless you take care to weigh the vase down.  Use stones or marbles to give weight to keep vase in place.

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