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How to Make Wedding Bouquets

Adding Spray Roses to the Bouquet

The bride wanted a smaller bouquet, so I decided to use spray roses instead of the more typical tea roses.  See the comparison size shown below.

Each stem usually has between 3 to 5 flower heads and come 10 to a florist bunch.  I do sell in single bunches.  Many flower wholesalers require you buy a minimum of four bunches or more.  Why buy more than you need?  Spend the same amount of money - but get a larger variety of flowers and greenery.

These dainty blooms look so sweet clustered in bunches in the center of the mixed greens.  Remember to keep in mind that the greenery is part of the design.

I accomplished this by clustering the smaller rose heads in the center of the design and then lengthening down to a short cascade.

Note that I used a smaller bud at the very bottom of the cascade.

Fill in the flowers until you get the effect you desire.  There are only twelve heads here, which is about three stems of spray roses.  That is only a third of a bunch.

As you pull back, you can see that all the elements of the design compliment each other, from the dark green of the broader leaves to the dainty variegated effect of the smaller leaves.

I'm careful not to cover up that beautiful collar of steel grass surrounding the entire bouquet.

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