How to Make Wedding Bouquets

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I wanted to keep the monochromatic look (all one color with different shades and hues) - but I definitely wanted to add more texture to this bridal bouquet design.

Hypericum berries are usually available all year round and add a beautiful texture element to the overall design.

I again clustered several berries together.  Smaller headed flowers have more impact when you cluster them together in your bouquets and centerpieces.

I tuck the hypericum a little deeper into the design, allowing the spray roses to be the dominant flower in this bouquet.

I then add more hypericum on the left side of the bouquet.

Keep a light touch, adding in a few more berry sprigs at a time until you like the overall effect.

Be sure to reserve a few hypericum berries back for use in both corsage and boutonniere work.  It adds a lovely element to any design.

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