How to Make Wedding Bouquets

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I'm now going to reinforce the addition of the teal color element by adding in some sparkling rhinestone sprays.

Carefully pull the pliable sprays apart.  In this set, each spray has 5 stones on it.

I like to bend them into a tighter cluster, making sure the face of the stone faces outward.

Again - clustering something this small has more impact in the overall design.

I tucked a spray in the upper section of the bouquet holder, right under one of the loops that have the crinkled bullion wire wrapped around it.

I extend some of the rhinestones out to the right and down the bottom of the cascade.

You can see the subtle effect as the jewels are placed.

I love adding unusual color and sparkle to my flower designs.

Take advantage of the dark green leaves to show off the rhinestones.

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