How to Make Wedding Bouquets

Finishing Touch Flower Spray Sealant

I always use a flower sealant on every hand bouquet I create.  Remember that a home refrigerator REMOVES humidity from the air.  A florist cooler adds in humidity at the rate of 80% or higher.  Those flower petals need moisture to keep them from early transparency.

Throughly mist the bouquet and allow to dry before storing in your refrigerator.  If you are using spray roses, I urge you to arrange for refrigeration, since these variety of roses tend to blow open quickly.

Just make sure there is no fruit in the refrigerator and turn up a little warmer than usual.  Don't store flowers in the very back, which tends to freeze if too cold.

You can see that creating unusual designs is not really that difficult - it's just a matter of paying attention to the fine details!

I do have a matching bridemaid bouquet tutorial that was made specifically to go with this bridal bouquet.

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I carry all the products you need for DIY wedding flowers - from the correct flower products needed to process your dry pack flowers to the bouquet holders and jewels that add that special touch.

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