head table wedding flowers

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So far this head table wedding arrangement is a blend of white and light pink.  Let's pop in some deep pink spray roses, just to give more contrast to this floral.

Spray roses are usually 10 to a grower's bunch, and are a single flower stem with 3 or 4 assorted heads and buds.  You can separate some of these, but let's insert some of the whole stem as a mass of small rose heads.

Look for open spaces in between the flowers already open.  Leave some of your stems really long, so they can be used on each end to peek out next to the dendrobium orchid and miniature carnations.

Cut some of the spray roses shorter, so they can be inserted as deeper clusters, varying the lengths of your insertions.

These are the flowers that can really emphasize depth perception.

Don't be too perfect, but scatter the roses randomly, giving a free garden style look to the wedding table design.

Longer stems need to be cut at an angle and inserted at an upward slant from the bottom, pointing the flower heads down.

As you can see, these roses really make the entire arrangement come alive with that contrast color.

Tuck a few stems in the back, tilting the face backwards a bit

Always count your flowers out, placing then number of stems you are allowing for the arrangement to be in the buckets at your feet.  This helps you resist inserting more and more flowers, causing you to be short later when you make your last bouquets , corsages and boutonnieres.

If you find any broken stems, always set those aside, in water, so you can use them for the boutonniere and corsage work.  Save some of the smallest buds for these.

Now that all your flowers are in the wedding design, you can tuck in some filler (such as Baby's Breath) or a light fern.  This design has plumosa in the finished photo.  Cut into large draping pieces and insert deep between the flower heads.

Even without Baby's Breath or Plumosa, the final effect is quite beautiful.

The final arrangement should be misted well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory, sealing the flower heads.  Keep in a cool area, away from sunlight and heat ducts. 

 You may wish to use Floralock Stem Adhesive to squirt in near to the foam, where the flower stems are inserted into the foam. 

 This should be your very last step, as it tends to close over the foam and stop further insertions of any flower stems.  

If you have a couple days before delivery, add water by dribbling over the foam with a water spray or water spout.  A large amount of fresh flowers drink water out of the foam at a fast rate.

After delivery, mist once more with Finishing Touch and move on to your other flowers!

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