head table wedding flowers

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Head table wedding flowers draw focus to the bride and groom during the wedding reception.  So many different designs and styles.  Check out the entire gallery for more detailed tutorials and flower recipes.

To create a similar look to this photo, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers:

Flower design always starts with processing your wedding flowers correctly.  Recommended products will help keep your flowers fresh longer.  Read the directions for mixing flower food so you order enough for all the flowers you have ordered.

Fresh flowers that spill over the table edge are quite heavy.  It's advisable to use a foam container that can support that weight and guard the table top against moisture seepage.  A brick saddle is used by florists for this purpose.  The plastic is molded to grip the two brick of Oasis florist foam.

Float soak your foam in water that has been treated with a professional flower food.  Don't force the foam under the water, but allow it to sink naturally.  This will avoid dry pockets that can cause wilted flowers whose stems are inserted into those areas.

Fit two bricks of Standard Oasis Florist Foam into the double saddle container.

Use green waterproof florist tape to tape the two bricks into the saddle.  They fit tightly into the saddle, but you don't want them popping forward and out during delivery.

Wrap completely around the foam and saddle on each florist foam brick.

Leather leaf fern is a common greenery that is used by floral shops across the country.  It is inexpensive and covers well and can easily be cut into different fronds.

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