head table wedding flowers

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Since this head table wedding decor is a blend of white and various hues of pink, I'm now adding in a light pink lisianthus.  It looks rather like a wind blow rose, opening wide as it sets in a warm environment.   

Lisianthus comes in shades of white, pinks, lavender and purple.  Different varieties are seasonal, so choose the variety that is available in your wedding month.  One stem of lisianthus usually has one or two open blooms and a couple of buds.

We are clustering flower varieties in this arrangement, so insert whole stems in each spot.  If you have a really long piece that can be cut into sections, feel free to do this.  Don't leave out the buds - they look nice at either ends that touch down lightly brushing the table top.

As you did with the mini carnations, look for open spots in between the flowers that have already been inserted into this head table arrangement.

Step back often, looking at your arrangement from all sides.  Head table decorations are usually visible from a 3/4 view, meaning the front and sides should include all the flower varieties.

You can insert them on the backside, but cut the stems short so they don't interfere with your table settings.

How many flowers you insert is really up to you.  You can use less heads and order another bunch or two of greenery.

As you can see, this style of head table wedding flowers are quick to put together, but you may have to keep the long insertions down the front held back until the flowers arrive at the reception hall.  Long extensions can be bruised or broken during delivery.

This is a very monochromatic design, meaning it has a lot of shades of one color.  You will add more contrast later with the insertion of dark pink spray roses. 

Keep in mind that lisianthus may be tight upon arrival at your house.  Do not crowd the stems in a bucket too closely, because this delicate flower tends to grow bacteria, causing fast deterioration if the heads of the blooms are packed too tightly in the bucket.

A loose bucket separating the blooms apart will allow each flower head to open, bring them to their true beauty.

Now let's move on to the the largest flower head, Gerbera daisies.

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