head table wedding flowers

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Head table wedding flowers in pink can be easily changed into a different color scheme.  Roses, carnations and miniature carnations come in a lot of different colors and hues.

Now you want to begin to frame in the design with your leather leaf fern.  The length of the greens will set the size of the overall design.  The flowers will later stretch out tips just beyond the greens in the flower arrangement.

Insert the leather leaf in an upward slant, so the tips of the greenery brush the table top.

When greening, the technique is to insert your greens in a manner to imitate a fresh green plant.  Use the natural curve the the greenery stem to advantage.

Cut the greens in the back shorter.  You want a finished look, but you don't want the greens to intrude on the area that your table setting are placed.

This will be a three quarter arrangement, meaning that the flowers will be seen not only from the straight front, but also the sides.

As you fill in the greenery on the top of the arrangement, keep the top stem insertions flatter, at a shallow angle.  You don't want the flowers so high that they obscure the face of the wedding couple when seated at the head table.

Fill in the top with shorter cuts of leather leaf, angling outward until the center and then inserting those  top pieces of greens straight up.

When the initial greening is finished, the center should have greens standing straight up, then they begin to angle out at towards the sides, until the bottom stems of fern are pointed down, with the tips of the fern brushing the table top and spilling over the front of the table.

You can add more greenery if needed later, but at this point shown in the photo below, you can begin to flower in the arrangement.

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