head table decorations

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Campanulas are a line flower and are available year round in shades of pink and white.

Use the natural curve of the flower inserted slightly downward, so the flowers go out and then curve downward.

Cluster these line flowers together, creating a massed look on the side.

See how the curves and massed colors work so well.

Add in some more flowers from the front, allowing it to follow the greenery lines.

Do the same for the flowers curving outwards from the top to the back.

Drop some of the stems lower, so that the tips brush down towards the table top.

I added in more flowers, giving a balance to the higher points on the right side.

Now comes the real eyecatcher.  The King Protea is an amazing focal flower, with it's large, broad face and the pink pointed tips.

It's going to be inserted right into the middle, and faced out forward between the two large hydrangea heads.

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