head table decorations

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This head table arrangement does use whole stems of eucalyptus in the front.  This means that filling in the greens can happen rather quickly.  Later on you'll want to squirt Floralock around those stem insertions to hold those long stems in place in the wet foam.  You don't want the longer greens sliding out of the foam during delivery.

Now you should take notice that all insertions aren't "mirror images" on both sides.  It's actually the casual flow and asymmetrical design that makes this head table decoration so breathtaking.

The bottom stems of the greens and flowersw should be an upward insertion, cutting the stems at a slant with a floral knife.  Take care.  Some people think household scissors are safer, but that's not actually true.  Heavy pressure needed to cut through tough or woody stems can snip off a finger tip very quickly.  Household scissors can also crush delicate flower stems, making it hard for the stem to draw water up to the head.

Keep either Oasis Bunch Cutters or Branch Pruners handy to cut through the tough stems as needed.

Cut short laterals of the Silver Dollar to angle out towards the back of the decoration.

Vary the lengths of the stems of eucalyptus flowing over the front side of the arrangement.  You will be layering greens in order to get a good mix of texture.

Grevillea is considered to be fall greens, as it's availability is usually October through December.  No worries, however, because there is a large selection of other greens to choose from that is available all year round.

The long lines and spiky needle leaves of the Grevillea add interesting texture to the overall design.

Just mimic what you did with the willow eucalyptus, inserting slightly higher up and at a little straighter in than the eucalyptus.  This will give a lift to the stems, having them flow straight out rather than down the table edge.

Work quickly, adding in a mix of long and shorter pieces of this greenery all around.

These insertions aren't a straight up insertion, but giving a slight lift upward.

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