head table decorations

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I like my head table decorations to have a lot of different kinds of textures and color contrast.  Sit down and think out what YOU want.  Do you want subtle contrast or eye popping color?  If it is all one color, think contrast in the form of flower and greenery varieties, with different shapes of flowers or shapes of leaves..

See how I use the curve of the greens to an advantage?   Don't set out to do perfect symmetrical insertions that are always evenly spaced.  Cluster the flowers and greens together in groups sometimes rather than always in perfectly spaced separations.

Let some of the long lines cascade all the way to the floor.  The beginning greens insertions at this stage  will frame out the arrangement, giving you approximate size of length and width.

Greening in actually goes rather quickly.  You may want to consider greening up all your arrangements ahead of time and adding the fresh flowers right before the wedding day.  Refrigerate the delicate flowers and allow the greens to stay out in a cool room.

Always know ahead of time what type of table you are designing for.  If it is for a round table, then find out if it is a 60" round or a 72" round.  Keep a tape measure handy as you design.

Be sure to always look at your arrangements from the side and back.

Notice how short the greenery stem insertions are in the back.  However, you do want the stem tips to go down to lightly brush the table top.  A good designer always takes care to conceal the mechanics.  In this case, that would be the plastic 2 brick container and florist foam.

Love, love love Silver Dollar Eucalyptus!  Long lines,  numerous laterals on every stem that can be cut apart into smaller sections if needed.

The soft sage color of the Silver Dollar contrasts with the color of the draping willow as much as the round leaves do against the narrow willow leaves.

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