head table decor

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Head table decor actually flowers up pretty fast.  I do like to do the basic greening a day or two ahead.  Greens are long lasting and stay looking good for days.  Flowering in after the piece has been placed is usually pretty quick.  If you are pressed for time, however, you can do some of the flowering at home.  

Just be sure your delivery has tissue wrapped around the designs to stave off bruised heads or damage.  Cascades obviously have to be done on site.

You can't see the opposite side of the design, but you do want to have flowers filled in on that side as well.

You may choose some contrasting colors, just to give some contrast to the design.

The secondary colors are daisies, the creamy apricot color giving a big pop of contrast to the dark burgundy dahlias.

Daisies and poms are a great way to stretch your flower budget, as they are available all year round and come in a great variety of colors.

Mix some of the contrasting color down the cascade as well as the upper portion of the head table decor.

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