head table decor

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The head table decor gains a lot of attention from the wedding guests when the bridal party takes their seats for the meal.  Lovely flowers will frame the bridal party, making a beautiful setting for the reception.  Choose a wall or area for the head table that is close to electrical outlets, if you intend on using lights under the head table.

The updated flower designs seem to trend towards choosing large arrangements that spill over the edge of the table.  

To create this large design that spills over the table, you need to have the following hard goods and fresh flowers:

Feel free to change color or flower varieties.  You can easily substitute and create the same look with different flowers.  

Typical banquet tables are usually 30 inches wide.  Plan for enough room for the arrangement that will not crowd into the eating place of your wedding party.  The arrangements are typically left low so the guests can see the bride and groom.

If an arrangement is to spill over the table edge, I like a broad foam cage that will have enough weight (once the water and flowers are added) to keep the arrangement firmly in place.  Flowers and wet foam is heavy, so a full brick of foam (as shown below) is enclosed in the Oasis Jumbo cage.

These cages measure roughly 14" long, so two of them end to end would cover the entire table end.  It also allows for the cages to be greened in ahead of time (except for the trailing greens).

This dahlia arrangement, however, doesn't go completely from end to end.  Thus you can use one Jumbo cage, placing a shorter cage (the Oasis FloraCage) will give you the additional 4" needed.  It will be placed end to end with the Jumbo cage as shown.  

The rigid plastic does protect the table top, but it might be wise to place a protective plastic or vinyl covering under it, to protect the table top of seeping water.  

Cotinus (also referred to as Smoke Bush) have branches that are 25" to 30" long.  The wide broad rounded leaves have a decided color difference between the front and the back.  If you want a more delicate greenery, consider either Myrtle or Italian Ruscus.  Both have long stems and fill in quickly to frame your flower design.

Using the photo as a guide, cut the Smoke Bush stem into shorter lengths and begin framing in the florist  foam with the greenery.

The greenery determines the overall width and length of the design.  Keep the top of the cages short, creating a soft mound of greens for the flowers to nestle into.  Keep it low so that it can be seen over, even when seated.

Different kinds of greenery have stems that can be handled and, if flexible, deliberately bend the stems so it falls over the table edge when inserted into the foam.  It helps if you cut a sharp, angled cut, and then insert it upward  from the bottom of the foam and pointing upward.  The angles of the greens should point in different directions.  Don't forget to also fill in the other side of the cages (towards the other end of the table) - but keep the greens short so they don't interfere with table settings and glassware.

Notice that the insertions of the smoke bush are at different angles.  The goal is to imitate how a natural bush would grow.

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