grooms buttonhole

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This grooms buttonhole starts with three leaves pleated and stapled.

Then staple the leaves together on the edges.

Staple higher up so the leaves will spray open like a pleated fan.

The final look should be like the picture below.

Pleat two more salal leaves so you have a total of three and staple the edges together so they stay connected.

Pierce the bottom of the leaves with a 26 gauge floral wire.

Bend the wires down parallel to make a wire stem.

Finish by covering the wire with floral tape.

Fresh daisies usually have multiple flower heads, so you get a lot of blooms for one grower's bunch.

I'm going to use two perfect daisy heads for this boutonniere.  I want to strengthen the flower head and make it so I can bend the face of the flower forward.

I'm going to use a 26 gauge wire to add to the stem.

Pushing up parallel to the stem, push up thru the entire flower head.

Bend the end of the wire into a fishhook or hairpin shape.

Pull the wire down gently until it is concealed in the flower center.

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