fresh flower wreath

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Our fresh flower wreath is ready to be flowered in!  I've started by inserting miniature carnations from the lovely Moon collection.  They come in shades of light lavender down to the deep purple.  They are a wonderful addition to any flower design, including florals, centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

I simply inserted the cut stem in random directions in our greened wreath.

Don't make them too perfectly spaced.  Cluster a couple a little closer here and there for a more natural looking design.

I began adding a second, contrasting shade of the spray carnations.  Most sprays have betwee 3 to 5 heads per stem.

The contrasting berries are a creamy colored hypericum, adding beautiful contrast to the darker colors of the greens and dark purple flowers.

The wreath is filling in quickly.  I added a hexagon mirror on top of the table, deciding at this point that wanted to use it instead of the silver tray as a platform for the pillar candle.  The light will reflect upward.

You can see clearly now how the broken wreath versus the regular wreath allow the beauty of your unity candle stand to show off.  You always design your flowers, if possible, to accent and show off your hard goods - as in the same manner you hide the elements that you don't want guests to see, such as tape, wire and florist foam.

You can see now that the candles are ready to be inserted into the taper and pillar holders.  Let me show you a quick way for everything to stay in place.

You can continue adding more flowers, such as roses, alstroemeria, freesia or whatever flowers you would like to include.  Unfortunately, this was for a real wedding and time was pressing on me, so I was distracted from photographing the addition of other flowers that were in the final design, such as roses and hypericum.  I did include them in the materials list if you wish to add them.

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