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How to Make a Rose Corsage

You can learn how to make a rose corsage that's fast, easy and looks professionally done!   Many florists are turning to flower adhesive which makes our lives much easier. 

Do not mistake hot glue (or cold melt glue) as being the same as floral adhesive.  Hot glue can harm flowers and both become brittle and pop apart easily when stored in a cool refrigerated environment.

Floral adhesive has a stretchy sort of consistancy that is gentler on flowers and holds up beautifully even through moist and cool temperature conditions.  It takes a little larger to set up, but has a strong hold that keeps the flowers in place.

Don't feel restricted by the flowers or greenery used.  The same techniques can be used for orchids, daisies, cornflowers, delphinium, alstromeria, button mums, miniature carnations, freesia and stepanotis.

For this tutorial, you'll need the following supplies:

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