feather wedding bouquet

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This feather wedding bouquet is hand tied style.  The whimsical accent of white feathers is tucked between the peonies and roses.  To create a similar look, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers:

If you need step by step help, be sure to read through the tutorials on making hand tied bouquets.  You can either make a traditional hand tied (therefore not needing the bouquet holder) or a mock hand tied, which is actually created on a Belle Bouquet Holder.  That type of bouquet has the advantage of a water source, keeping the flowers fresh while mimicking the popular look of the hand tied style.  Peonies are especially water loving and benefit greatly by the use of the bouquet holder to keep them fresh longer.

Mist the flowers with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and store refrigerated if possible or in a cool room away from heat and light.

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