church wedding decorations

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Large church wedding decorations are more manageable to transport if you do them in separate pieces like swags, wreaths and small flower cages.  My wreath is now greened with leather leaf fern and I'm ready to add other varieties.

Myrtle has small oval leaves coming off of one main stalk.  Sometimes it branches off into smaller lateral.  Cut these pieces and insert at random around the wreath perimeter.

The next greenery is seeded eucalyptus.  Both the seeds and the unusual soft sage color of the leaves adds remarkable interest to this living wreath.

If you wish to green and an finish the flowering at the church, this depends on your own schedule.  Even the greens by themselves provide a lovely contrast to the draping and would be beautiful design as shown - even without flowers!

Although you want to maintain your oval shape, you can see how a random cuts and "not so exact" inserts make this wreath a lovely backdrop for even a cluster of flowers here or there.

To add in more glamour, I've added a long

glitter covered Christmas leaves

that were originally sold as a Christmas decorations.  Balls, garlands and other decorations go very cheap after a major holiday and can easily be incorporated into wedding decorations. This bride was married in July, then used these from her wedding and added these as decor to their first Christmas tree later in December.  I can't guarantee these exact leaves, so you'll have to do some shopping on your own if you want this similar look.

You can see there are many ways to make your wedding decor personal with a unique look just for your own wedding day.  Consider adding draping jewels, decorative fans, or crystal ornaments to make your church wedding decorations special.

The natural curve of these sparkling branches emphasized the oval shape of the wreath and they are large enough to have impact for the guests seated many feet away in the pews.  Browse dollar and craft stores (especially after Christmas!) for bargained priced (but elegant) additions to candelabras, wreath, vases and other decor.  Let your imagination wander  . . . there are so many ways to be creative in floral design!

I'm now going to add a smaller grouping of flowers on the left side of the candelabra to counterbalance the oval wreath on the lower left.  Now I could have simply placed the wreath (either up and down or as a horizontal attachment), but I love a little variety and don't want to alway have everything "perfectly" centered!

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