candelabra wedding hearts

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Candelabra wedding hearts are so easy to make and transport!  Don't feel limited to just myrtle.  There is a lot of beautiful greenery varieties that you can mix and match to suit your own look and tastes.

Wedding church flowers like these create a bold look from a distance.  Walk away from your designs occasionally and see what it will look like to the wedding guests seated in the sanctuary. You must concentrate on maintaining the heart shape.

The varying shades of the myrtle leaves give a wonderful cast of different colors.  I love experimenting with different kinds of greens.  Most hold up very well and some have a longer life than flowers.

Once the outside of the heart is well defined, I fill in the inside of the heart with VERY short stems.  I don't want to fill in the entire center and lose that open heart look.

Note how the greens in the center are stuck straight inward - coming straight out from the center of the heart.  You should have a very three-dimensional look, that looks good when viewed from all angles.

Time for me to start the second candelabra wedding heart.  I quickly repeat the first steps.  Somehow the second one always seems to go faster than the first!

Keep an eye on your first design - especially if you want both pieces to look alike.  

Again - fill in the outer edge first, working your way in towards the middle of the heart.  Here is a closer look how I angled the outer greenery stems.

By the time you reach the middle, the stems are sticking straight out towards you.

Now both hearts are finished with the greening and ready to be sprayed with the leaf polish.

Leafshine is a plant polish.  It is sprayed directly on fresh greenery and plants to get rid of ugly white residue that is sometimes left by hard water. 

This product seals the greenery and helps keep it fresh for days longer.  If you don't use it all, it's wonderful to use for your house plants.  Use as directed on the can.

Spray your greenery before adding any flowers to the design.  The icy cold propellant can harm the fresh flowers.  Flowers prefer to be misted lightly with a product called Finishing Touch (made especially for flowers).

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