brooch wedding bouquet

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There are many assorted styles of pearl and rhinestone trims that can add a unique look to your bouquet.  You can see more assorted designs here.  Read the descriptions carefully.  Some come by the yard, some come in other preset lengths and finishes.

The chains can be cut to the desired length with small wire cutters and attached to the bouquet holder with the bullion wire.

Thread your silver bullion wire through the armature and to the end of the rhinestone or pearl chain.  Some of the appliques can be used to wrap around the handle later if desired.  (Note:  A padded foam meant to slide onto the handle comes with the bouquet armature to make this easier.  It just slips over the handle).

You can see that, once wired, the decorative chain will stay in place no matter how the bouquet is held.

The bullion wire disappears into the framework of the design, which is the goal.

Angel hair is finely spun and shimmers when reflected by light.  I've seen other brooch and crystal bouquets backed with tulle to conceal the stems and other mechanics when creating this type of wedding bouquet. I prefer the Angel hair, which is so beautiful it becomes part of the design rather than just a concealing product.  It is available in silver, gold and copper.

It arrives in a compact bag and is packed tightly together.  You will need to stretch and pull it apart gently to separate the fibers.  Separate into two sections, one slightly bigger than the other.

The first you will nest inside the armature frame.  This will help conceal the underside and mechanics of the crystal bouquet.  Reserve enough of the angel wire to wrap around the handle as well.

I also think an Oasis Wire Collar would be a good backer for this type of bouquet as well.  Unfortunately, the quantity is limited as they have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Continue in this manner until there is a web of bullion wire strung across all sides of the bouquet frame, securing the angel hair in place.

Now the underside that shows from the top sparkles and shines through the open grid of the armature.  Another alternative is regular or glitter tulle.

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