brooch wedding bouquet

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To create a Brooch Wedding bouquet similar to the one shown below, you'll need the following products:

  • Brooch Bouquet Armature
  • Assorted Jewels and Brooches
  • Silver or Gold Bullion Wire
  • Optional:  Uglu Dashes
  • Jewel Chains

It's easier to make a crystal bridal bouquet when you have all the necessary supplies, including the bouquet armature (holder), the decorative wire, rhinestones and flower brooches.

This innovative bridal bouquet holder is perfect as an armature for both crystal and brooch bouquets.   Lightweight and sturdy, it provides a beautiful way to create crystal bouquets in a simple way that eliminates a lot of unnecessary wiring of the elements of the bouquet.

This bouquet frame includes a network of circular frames that are perfect for attaching crystals, bouquet jewels, personal jewelry and brooches.

The armature requires assembly, which is quick and very easy.

In the center of the frame is a round slot in which to screw in the armature's handle.

Simply place the handle over the slot and twist tightly to secure to the crystal bouquet frame.

Securely attaching your crystals, pearls and other bouquet jewelry to the bouquet frame is important.  There are several ways to approach this without damaging precious heirlooms in the process.

First see how the circular pattern on the armature gives you a guideline on spacing out your larger brooches and crystals.  You certainly have the freedom to mix or match sizes, but this general guide will help you sort out how to balance the look of your bouquet jewelry.

I generally use Bullion wire to attach and secure each piece that makes up the crystal bouquet.  Don't feel you have to stay with only silver or gold.  Colored Bullion wire can add lots of interest to the overall design.  This wire is a fine 28 gauge and comes in 13 colors.  This spool has a generous 820 foot to a spool and is more than enough to do several bouquets.

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