blue wedding bouquet

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This blue wedding bouquet is a delightful mix of blues and soft sage greens.  Designed as a spiral hand tie, the casual design is made up of flowers in asymmetrical design.  If you haven't designed flowers before, read through the beginning galleries for Spiral Hand tied bouquets.  Those tutorials will show you different ways to create this particular look.

You will need the following flowers, greens and florist supplies:

Always start by processing your wholesale wedding flowers correctly.  Be sure you are prepared ahead of time so you can work on your flowers immediately upon arrival.  Flowers should never be allowed to remain on a front porch or left for a long period of time after arrival.  These flowers are hardy, but have made a long trip to your front door.  It's essential that you process them and have them taking up water as soon as possible.

Once your flowers are arranged, you should mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  A flower sealant hydrates and seals the petals, extending the life of your flowers.

Be sure to check out other flower designs.  I even have tutorials showing how to make a mock hand tied, which is created on a bouquet holder, which will keep the flowers in a fresh water source throughout your wedding day.  

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