aisle decorations

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These aisle decorations are made of soft peach roses with a lovely collar of green wheat, ornamental grasses and myrtle.  It's finished off by tying with a decorative bow.  This looks like a hand tied bouquet, but it is easier to get the right flower placement if you design it on a bouquet holder.  To create a similar look, you'll need the following hard goods and fresh flowers:

Cut the stems off the roses.  Clean of thorns and lay aside.  Cluster the roses inserting the stems in the topside and upper portion of the Lomey Bouquet Holder.  Insert the stems of the millet and wheat around the holder, keeping the backside of the bouquet flattened. 

Insert some of the rose stems and the wheat and millet stems upward from the bottom in the bouquet holder.  Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the bouquet holder, making a large bow in the front.  Tie another long strand of ribbon, tying to neck of holder and making it long enough to tie around the pew arm as shown below.

Secure all stems in place with Floralock Stem Adhesive.  Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Store in cool dark area until wedding.  Take care that the florist foam doesn't go dry.  Dribble more water onto the foam if needed.

If you need more help, read through some of the mock hand tied bouquets with step by step photo instructions.

Lomey makes a pew clip with an attached cage, but it is smaller foam and the clip is rigid, making it harder to fit to specific widths of pew sides.  The rectangle clip in the middle is too small.  You can use the larger Iglu cage if you prefer.

I prefer using the Grande Lomey bouquet holder (bigger head of foam) and the more flexible Doey's pew clip.  Slide the pew clip up and catch the top hole in the back of the Lomey Holder.  Using waterproof tape, bind the pew clip tightly to the back of the soaked bouquet holder.  You need to do this AFTER the holder has been float soaked in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food, otherwise the tape may loosen while in the water.

The Grande Lomey bouquet holder has a flat handle, which is why I like using it for aisle decorations.  If you prefer, you can use a Grande Iglu cage.  The design looks like a hand tied bouquet, but using a bouquet holder keeps a water source to the roses.

Start by cutting the middle roses short, with about a 2 inch stem and insert them into the foam as shown.  Don't throw away the stems, but dethorn them and set aside for use later.

Cluster the rose heads tightly together.  The middle roses face outward, but the upper roses tilt upwards.

The roses on the right and left face those directions.

If you wish to save money, you can use less roses and still have beautiful aisle decorations.

Five roses have now been inserted into the bouquet holder.

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