How to Make a Corsage

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Another wiring method is to insert the wire into the bulb or calyx of the flower, piercing the bulb as you do so.

Bend the wire down parallel to the natural flower stem.

Wrap the floral tape around the wired stem, directly under the flower head and pulling downward as you wrap the stem.  This method is a little more secure about not letting the flower heads "pop off" while assembling the corsage.

The last wiring method is usually referred to as "hooking".  Laying a wire parallel to the flower stem, push it upwards and out thru the top center of the flower.

After the wire comes up thru the flower head, bend the wire downward to form a hook.

Pull down until the hook is buried int the center of the flower head.

Finish by taping the flower with floral tape directly under the flower head as before.

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