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Winter Wedding Bouquets

Pearl Headed Pins

I often add sparkle of rhinestones or the gleam of pearls to a bridal bouquet for more interest.  Rhinestones are a lovely, frosty addition to winter wedding bouquets.

Pearl headed pins come in 10 colors and you can easily cut them shorter to insert as an accent into flower heads.

Make sure you always cut the steel pin shanks with safety eye gear.  Shards of sharp pins can go flying out and cause damage to eyes and skin.

Here is the cool tones of the blue that I'm going to add to this particular winter bouquet.

To get a shorter shank, I insert it deeply into a stiff styrofoam base and then cut the pin with heavy wire cutters.  Placing a finger lightly on the top of the pearl head keeps the sharp pin from flying off into space.

Here's the difference between the normal length and the shortened length I'm going to use on the cut ends of the snapdragons.

Longer shanks are used inserting the pins into the rose heads.

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