Winter Wedding Bouquets

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You can see the cut end of the stem of the snapdragons in this closeup picture.

I conceal the cut by inserting a shortened pearl corsage pin into the stem end.

I also insert pearls into other flower heads to add in a touch of blue.

Here's another closeup of the snapdragon ends.

Add as many or less as you prefer in your own bouquet design.  I find color pearls a great way to add unusual colors that the flowers are not available in.  Since I like my flowers "natural" and not artificially dyed colors, bouquet jewels and ribbon is a great way to add color accents.

I also tuck a few of the pins in between flower heads.  I usually dip the shanks in a floral adhesive or use Floralock Stem Adhesive so the pins do not fall out of the wet foam later.

A dainty carnation head accented with a colored pearl.

It emphasizes the bluish cast of the Dusty Miller and adds cool tones to this frosty bouquet design!

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