Winter Wedding Bouquets

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Once I'm satisfied with my completed design, I use a couple of finishing products available to professional florists.

I use Floralock on every bridal and bouquet design I make.  This ensures I don't have the embarrassment of having flowers fall out of the finished design.  Brides and bridesmaids tend to be silly and flirtatious with the excitement of the big day and flip their flowers around a lot whether during a photo shoot or dancing into the reception hall.  Floralock keeps those flowers in their place!

Shake the can thoroughly to liquify all the glue and fit the red nozzle carefully and deeply into the nozzle of the can.

Fit the nozzle in between the flower heads and squirt short bursts.  Wait a moment, then continue until a coating locks the stems into place.  Don't get ambitious and think more is better - you don't want glue dripping down the sides and making the handle sticky.

This bridal bouquet is a lovely design that accents the feel of a cold winter day.  Feel free to add in other colors or perhaps some holly or pine for a more Christmas feel if your wedding is during the holiday season.

I also mist every bouquet with a flower sealant by Floralife called Finishing Touch.  This product seals the petals, locking in the moisture and slowing down the transparency and drying out of flower petals. You can use a different product, Crowning Glory, with similar results. 

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