white rose bridal bouquet

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This white rose bridal bouquet is fast gaining it's round shape.  You may need to shorten the stems of the outer roses (opposite of what you would do with a Belle bouquet holder) in order not to creating an over large bouquet.

These outer roses fill in the blank holes, giving the bouquet a more even look.

This side view makes the bouquet look oval, but if you were to look down from the top of the bouquet it has a definite round shape.

I've now inserted 14 roses, all in a open state.  Note how the top roses face upwards, the middle roses angle outward, and the face of the roses on the outer edge of the bouquet are completely lateral.

This way the bouquet is beautiful from all angles, including sides and top.

Stock flower is one of my favorites for wedding work.  The clustered blooms erupt from short laterals all the way down a spring green stem.

It is available in a lot of different colors, including white, cream, pink, lavenders, peach, purple and burgundy.  It has a spicy scent that is absolutely delicious.

I chose a creamy ivory colored stock for this bouquet, since the bride's gown has a definite golden cast to it.  The green tones is mixed in with all stock colors as the nature of the flower.

The roses are the primary focal flowers and the stock is the secondary.  Thus I'm cutting the head into two lengths so I can tuck the blooms in between the flowers.

The stem is a little thick - but that is no problem since the European bouquet holder is large enough to handled a lot of stems.

Take advantage of the natural curve the the stock.  Let the tips of the flower drape out in a line that follows the center to outer edge flow.

This natural draping of the stock flower can also be used to advantage of concealing the foam edge of the bouquet holder.  Covering your basic mechanics should always be considered in every flower design.

I continue to fill out this bridal bouquet with more cream stock.  See how cutting the stalks in half give different textures to the design.

Tuck the blooms beneath the rose heads, keeping them deeper than the more prominent focal flower.

Mixing the different color shades also adds interest.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking that everything has to "match" (including bridesmaid dresses and colored bows).

Use the beauty of natural flower colors to compliment and enhance your wedding palette.  Too exact match is reminiscent of the 1970's where artificial flowers were dyed to unnatural colors.

Continue to fill in where you see openings in the design.

The bouquet has filled out nicely, achieving a nice round shape with a domed center that opens out like a hand tied bouquet.

Pay attention to the sides of the bouquet.  Remember - on your initial walk down the aisle most of your guests are going to see your flowers from the side.  Be sure to use the secondary and filler flowers to hide the sides of the holder.

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