wedding wreaths

Wedding wreaths can be used as centerpieces, hung on church doors, used as backdrops and encircle punch bowls.  I have created several step by step wreath tutorials, so this is a step forward with just a flower recipe, listing the products, tools and flowers you'll need to create the look below.

Don't, however, feel locked into the same color scheme.  Many of the flowers can be substituted to different colors and even different varieties.  To create this look, you'll need the following products:

Float-soak Oasis® Maché Wreath in floral-nutrient water.  Green in your wreath with the leather leaf fern.  Add in your flowers one variety at a time, spacing them out around the wreath.  Once all flower are in the centerpiece, take long blades of Lily Grass and inserting the bottom end of the blade into the foam, crossing over the heads of the flowers and inserting the tip of the lily grass into the foam.  See photo for how it should look. 

Insert wooden picks into apples before adding to wreath. Spray entire arrangement with Clear Crowning Glory®,  or Finishing Touch Flower Sealant, making sure to completely coat the fronts and backs of the flowers. Allow to dry.  Refrigerate or keep in cool place until delivery.

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