Wedding Presentation Rose

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The desired effect is for the leaves to cup around the rose head as shown below.

This is the view from the back of the presentation rose.  Remember that is rose may be carried, thus being viewed from all sides.  Keep the back as neat and with an eye to the design.  It may not alway be hidden like a corsage, where the back rests against a shoulder or wrist.

Here is how it looks from the front.  The salal leaves encircle the rose head while the lily grass gracefully draws the eye upwards.

Layer another lily grass in place, slightly to the right of the rose, , taping it securely in place.  Again, note how the blade is wide enough to actually fold around the rose stem before taping.

The greenery should extend just a short bit above the head of the flower.  This last blade of grass comes up from the right side and is slightly shorter than the first two leaves.

Building a presentation flower always means dropping each addition down the stem.  Now place another cluster of (stapled) salal leaves in place on the left side of the rose.

Again, I staple the leaves to be sure they stay exactly the way I want them placed.

The view from the back shows the single staple.  I fold the leaves around the stem before taping.

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