Wedding Presentation Rose

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If you wish, you could add a second rose to the right of the design, adding more salal leaves and looped grass.  This bride wanted each attendant to carry a single rose.  You can see that this has a lot more impact than a single rose with no greenery or filler flower.

I'm now going to finish off the design with the polish look of a sheer ribbon wrap.  I'm using light blue ribbon, but you can choose any color that compliments your own wedding.

Start with the clean cut edge of the ribbon on the back of the design.

Wrap the ribbon around the stem tightly, overlapping the ribbon as you move it down the stem.  Stop after a couple of inches.

Re-wrap, now moving upwards over the ribbon once again.  The next step is to finish with pinning shortened pearl pins into the ribbon to secure it in place.

You could also wrap the ribbon around and tuck under itself, pulling taut to create a knot.  I want a smooth look, with the cut tail of the ribbon actually being part of the design look.

I'm going to use shortened pearl pins to secure the ribbon into place.

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